Here we list other places where we have defined terms used mostly when programming the wiki itself.

We describe names we use (or would like to use) and the conventions that produce them. These evolve. Newer conventions are marked ☼.

The federation is held together by consistent use of structured names within name spaces. Here we explain its upper reaches: domains, pages, items and the plugins that interpret them. See also Abstraction of Method

The internet's domain name system (dns) allows for * to represent all possible subdomains of a given domain name. We use wildcard dns records to direct all subdomains of to a single server, a wiki farm.

Some names and naming conventions are wired into wiki client and server side code. We would like to discourage further pollution of this namespace.

We define the schema for federated wiki pages to the depth that we know it. We use a BNF-like notation to suggest JSON elements. Any ambiguity will be resolved by examining the example. We close with a brief reflection on the successes of the format.

We describe where the json representing a wiki page can be stored and how pages move between these stores.

Wiki stores numbers in json and shares them through http requests. We see a lot of variety in how numbers get into json and what happens to them after they are fetched.

We explain federated wiki plugins. We define their role interpreting content, recount our experience writing many, describe principles and strategies for future plugins, and offer a step-by-step guide for new plugin authors. We'll also collect pointers here to good plugins when they emerge.

We wanted wiki to be able to compute. These plugins developed our notion of cooperating computational engines.