Networking Names

The federated wiki has been implemented on top of services provided by the internet, the world-wide-web and the various browsers built for it.

The sharing on the internet is based on cooperating servers identified by registration and agreeing on protocols.

Site a location serving wiki pages and related services.

Server a program that persists, delivers and edits pages.

Farm a server configured to host multiple sites.

Host a computer configured to run servers.

Port a mechanism for addressing servers on a host.

Domain Name identifies a site to a client.

Subdomain a domain name nested within another.

Wildcard a collection of subdomains resolved by a farm.

The web adopts conventions by which servers and browsers cooperate. A web application extends this cooperation to provide additional browsing and editing capability.

Origin the site that launches a client application.

Remote pages come from sites other than our origin.

CORS cross-origin resource sharing.

Request to a server regarding web content.

AJAX request made to a server by a web application.

JSON a portable version wiki pages and other content.

Cache a temporary store of pages and programs.

Sitemap a summary of wiki pages available on a site.

Plugin code that renders a particular item type.

Storage Name pseudonym for places to find pages.