Plugin Names

Federated wiki composes pages from items of various types. A wiki server is configured with plugins to render and operate each item it encounters as best it can.

The core wiki client is configured with a few plugins that are necessary for correct operation.

Paragraph for text and link markup.

Image for picture and caption.

Factory for items of type yet to be determined.

Reference for links to a specific site.

Future for creating pages that do not yet exist.

Many plugins render editable markup in various and sometimes unusual browser supported formats.

Markdown short hand for headings and emphasis.

MathJax mathematical typesetting.

HTML sanitized to avoid most exploits.

ByteBeat musical synthesis.

Video imbedded from popular services.

Calculator credits and debits for expense reports.

Various plugins extend the representational quality of pages by making content available to other plugins or even other services.

Data in mostly tabular form stored as JSON.

PageFold labeled markers of substructure within a page.

Method arithmetic computation with units.

Most plugins will open an editor when double-clicked. Once editing a cmd/alt-i will open the About Page documentation.

When the client-side application encounters a missing or faulty plugin it will render the text field as plain text and offer diagnostic help.

Items that won't render due to missing plugins can often be rendered correctly by opening a new browser tab with the source site as origin.